Motor Vehicle Accident
WSIB Nutrition Services

Nutritional Rehabilitation specializes in working with clients that have been in MVA’s. We offer assessment and treatment through all stages of injury. Effective rehabilitation begins with proper nutrition. While this sounds simple enough, hectic rehabilitation schedules, physical discomfort, and chronic fatigue can and usually does interfere with proper nutritional behaviour. 

Overall, poor nutrition reduces physical strength and the body’s ability to repair itself, impeding all other rehabilitation efforts. Ignoring proper nutritional practices during rehabilitation will not only impede the client’s progress, but possibly facilitate further medical complications. 

Additionally, simply implementing a generalized meal plan not only reduces the effectiveness of all rehabilitation efforts, but can lead the individual into poor nutritional practices that can cause further medical complications. 

The nutritional requirements of each individual are unique. We work with the client and customize treatment to match the individual’s specific needs and medical conditions.