Marie-Gabrielle Potvin-Hubert, RD
Registered Dietitian
Marie-Gabrielle Potvin-Hubert, RD


BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics, Brescia University

Dietetic Internship, Northern Ontario Dietetic Internship Program

Professional Certifications/Memberships in Good Standing

College of Dietitians of Ontario
Dietitians of Canada

Additional Education

Nutrition Masterclass in Pediatrics
Counselling for Behaviour Change (Dietitians of Canada

How it Started

It was from a young age that Marie realized the importance of proper nutrition. As a competitive dancer for ten years, she learned that nutrition not only impacted her performance, but also her health. While she wasn’t sure at the time where her career was going to take her, she knew that it would be in the healthcare industry, and in making a difference to people in need.  

Marie’s passion grew, especially throughout university. During her post-secondary career, she volunteered for a Diabetes education clinic, where she saw first-hand how a dietitian could make a significant difference for those living with the disease. From providing counselling sessions within the clinic to building fun educational sessions and cooking classes and engaging the community, Marie realized that her field was more important and interesting than first thought. It is through these types of activities that Marie constantly looks to provide individualized care and support.  

Marie's Career

For the past year, Marie has been part of a home care team in London, Ontario, providing nutritional counselling to pediatric, adult, and gerontology clients. Marie has experience with complex care clients, chronic diseases, post-surgery nutrition care, tube-feeding, and weight management.  

Marie is a versatile and resourceful General Clinical Registered Dietitian. She excels at helping her clients break through their barriers, achieve their personal nutritional goals, and improve their overall wellness.  

Influential Moment

Marie appreciates each opportunity to become part of a client's life and help them reach their optimal nutrition goals. First, she helps to identify the barriers that are making it more difficult. Then, when she is able to pinpoint and explain those barriers to her clients, she finds solutions that meet their needs and lifestyle. It is at that point that Marie enjoys a unique sense of fulfillment. Whether it has been for weight loss or weight gain, tolerance, or balancing blood sugars (to name a few), Marie feels incredibly rewarded to have helped a client towards a healthier lifestyle and reaching their personal goals. 

Why Nutritional Rehabilitation?

After hearing great things from her peers about Cailee, Marie initially applied to Nutritional Rehabilitation as it was a clinical position, her favourite field. What also stood out was the personalized counselling with clients. Marie loved that you could be creative with your treatment plan and truly tailor it to the needs of the client, whether it’s educational or cooking sessions, grocery tours, or other innovative ways of breaking through.

On Marie's off days...

When not working with her clients, Marie is busy as a Co-owner of Petite Puree, a fresh and nutritious baby food company. Marie also enjoys returning home to Quebec to visit her family; travelling, discovering new hiking trails, practicing hot yoga, trying new foods, and spending time with her two kitties, Miloh, and Bella.