Registered Dietitian


MSc in Food and Nutrition, University of Western Ontario
Dietetic Internship, North York General Hospital

BSc in Food and Nutrition, Ryerson University

Additional Certifications & Training

Craving Change Behaviour Modification Training Program; Motivational Interviewing;Chronic Disease Management; International Association of Eating DisordersProfessionals (IAEDP) Certificate; Dysphagia Management Workshop

Professional Certifications/Memberships in Good Standing

College of Dietitians of Ontario
Dietitians of Canada
Primary Care Dietitians Network

How it Started

After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Food and Nutrition from Ryerson University and a clinical internship at North York GeneralHospital, Julia earned a Master’s Degree in Food and Nutrition from Western University. There, her research focused on the feeding disorders of early childhood.

Julia’s Career

Julia considers herself lucky to have fallen in love with nutritional science from a young age. That love, and her strength of connecting with others is essential to the work that she does. While Julia is fluent in Russian and Spanish (her family immigrated several times prior to coming to Canada), and was encouraged by teachers to pursue languages, her heart and drive always led her to helping people by using science and more specifically, nutrition!

Julia has worked as a registered dietitian in the Toronto area for thirteen years, providing nutritional counselling and education for individuals, families, and groups. She has counselled thousands of people on a wide variety of health issues from food sensitivities, allergies and eating disorders, to weight management and heart health. Additionally, Julia spends a lot of time training and educating dietetic students, working as a contract lecturer at Ryerson University and as a preceptor for future dietitians.

Once entering the workforce and experiencing a steep learning curve, her passion grew further. Julia quickly learned the creative and amazing ways that nutritional counseling and treatment could help people improve their lives. This breakthrough solidifiedJulia’s career path.

Influential Moment

One particular case that triggered Julia’s passion was a young man seeking help with “weight management", and was referred by his doctor.Thanks to the comprehensive assessments that dietitians customarily conduct, Julia discovered that this man was having 16 bloody diarrhea episodes per day over 14years, unbeknownst to his doctor.  

“Weight management” was therefore not a priority.

It took many dietary strategies, medications, referrals, and tests, but it was determined that the patient was suffering from complex, severe Crohn's disease. Julia was then able to provide a corresponding treatment to assist in coping with the disease. She was so happy to be a part of his difficult journey, advocate for him, communicate with the team, and support him though every difficult step in managing the disease.

He was one of Julia’s first patients and really taught her the importance of asking relevant questions, taking a holistic approach, communicating and collaborating with the interdisciplinary team, and concentrating on the patient.  

Julia thrives on connecting with patients and hearing their stories.It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you possess if you cannot understand and hear the needs and experiences of the individual. It is essential to establish a therapeutic relationship that yields results, a human connection, understanding, and trust.Julia loves to hear, appreciate, and understand everyone's story to help find away to improve health, no matter how challenging the scenario.

Why Nutritional Rehabilitation?

It didn’t take long for Julia to realize when she interviewed for the open position that Cailee was an amazing person and truly passionate about what she does. Julia instantly became interested and excited at the possibility of working with her, something that she didn’t experience from any of her other interviews.

Julia was also looking to collaborate with someone who was dedicated, innovative, and fun to work with because in this field, your team and your colleagues are everything. Having been privileged to work with truly fantastic teams up to this point in her career, Julia was looking for more of the same. Moreover, Nutritional Rehabilitation also undertakes complex cases and challenges, which Julia loves to help solve and overcome.

On Julia’s off days…

Most of all, Julia likes to be outdoors and, as an avid traveller, has visited over 20 countries in her lifetime. She is always passionate about learning and teaching, as it invigorates and drives her to continue to help others. Julia is a mother of two boys and two dogs, so between students, clients and family, she is always on her toes!