Asil Al-Shaibani, RD, CDE
Registered Dietitian
Asil Al-Shaibani, RD, CDE


BSc in Foods and Nutrition, Western University. 

BSc in Medical Science and Minor in Psychology, Western University.             

Professional Certifications/Memberships in Good Standing

College of Dietitians of Ontario

Certified Diabetes Educator

Dietitians of Canada

How it Started

From a very young age, Asil was intrigued by the central role that nutrition played on physical and mental health. This interest intensified in her last year of high school when she took a nutrition class, as it would serve asa catalyst, igniting her path to becoming a dietitian.

As she moved onto university and progressed through her studies, Asil learned more and more about the significant influence that nutrition had on physical and mental health; good nutrition was paramount to feeling better and enjoying a vibrant lifestyle.

Asil's Career

Asil has been practicing dietetics for over 12 years, providing nutritional counselling and education for individuals, families, and groups in a variety of clinical and community settings.

She strives to inspire people to feel as good as they can through food, and how they can achieve and maintain that feeling sustainably.

Influential Moment 

There was one particularly powerful moment early on in Asil’s career. She was working in a hospital with a young patient who was newly diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. The patient had suffered significant weight loss and was terrified when the diagnosis was given. Recognizing the stress and anxiety that the patient was suffering, Asil decided to meet with the patient and the family so that everyone involved in the patient’s life was aware of what was needed for success. Asil then developed a comprehensive meal plan and, through her ongoing support, was able to help both the patient and the family determine how to reach desired outcomes.

Asil always strives to provide the best possible care for each patient that she works with in the hopes of achieving the strongest recovery possible. She feels a sense of great reward when she sees their confidence not only build around nutrition, but around themselves and their sense of self.

Why Nutritional Rehabilitation?

Asil was attracted to the challenge of working with  brain injuries, but also working with people in the comfort of their own homes. With Nutritional Rehabilitation offering flexible consulting work and the ability to set your own schedule, it was also a chance for Asil to establish the work and life balance that she wanted. Additionally, having past experience working with Cailee and her supportive nature, it was an easy choice to join Nutritional Rehabilitation!

On Asil's off days...

Asil spends most of her time with her husband and her three young children. She enjoys working on embroidery, and exploring the outdoors with her family. Asil also loves cooking and testing new recipes from around the world, with eggplant parmesan being her signature dish!