Our Team

The Nutritional Rehabilitation staff are an incredibly dedicated and passionate team. We are focused on nutrition and how it impacts overall health, especially as an integral part of the rehabilitation journey.

Our team is made up of diverse nutritional professionals with education and experience from across Canada and the world! We draw on the distinct knowledge and skills of our incredible team members and collaborate so that together, we ensure that each and every one of our patients receive the insight and treatment that they need for their own particular rehabilitation journey.

Nutritional Rehabilitation delivers clinical excellence through our combined 65 years of practise. We  draw on personal challenges that we have each faced and overcome, taking a team approach towards healing our patients. Specializing in assisting and supporting clients with brain injuries, we concentrate on those who have experienced trauma sustained in motor vehicle, workplace, or other accidents.

We know that everyone’s circumstances are unique, so we employ various approaches to help each patient maximize their rehab potential through nutrition. These include our many resources and methodologies such as Health As Every Size (HAES), Intuitive Eating, the MIND diet, and motivational interviewing techniques, among many others.

Nutritional Rehabilitation has a wealth of knowledge that we want to use to help others. We have the ability to share this knowledge and work together as a team to reach the best outcomes.

But most importantly, the passion and dedication we have for our clients is paramount. Our goal is to break down barriers and provide solutions to guide, help, and support our patients discover the person that they want to be today!

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