Joyce Asprec, RD
Registered Dietitian
Joyce Asprec, RD


BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics, San Francisco University

Diploma, Sports Nutrition, International Olympic Committee

Dietetic Internship Graduate, Texas A&M-Kingsville

Professional Certifications/Memberships in Good Standing

CPTS Certified Personal Trainer

College of Dietitians of Ontario
Dietitians of Canada

US Commission on Dietetic Registration

Sports Nutrition Network

Gerontology Network


How it Started

Growing up, Joyce loved to cook, due in large part to the influence of her father. She also loved to work out, so when a friend recognized Joyce’s two passions, she suggested looking into a career in dietetics. Once Joyce looked into post-secondary programs in her area, she started to learn that food and food habits that she thought were healthy for her body were actually forms of restricted eating and thus, nutritionally inadequate.Having been surprised by what she was learning, she imagined how many people she could help if she became a dietitian.

After graduating from San Francisco State University’s Nutritionand Dietetics program, Joyce worked as an intern inSouth Texas while taking graduate courses. There she witnessed higher rates ofobesity in her patients, and increased heart disease and diabetes. Through workingacross multiple hospitals in the area, Joyce gained this valuable experienceand experience working in a pediatric hospital and within women’s, infants, andchildren’s programs. She also managed school lunch programs, and worked in botha renal clinic and a diabetes clinic.

 Joyce then began to take a particular interest in cardiovascularhealth because of her late father’s health challenges, directly affecting hercareer path. As a result, Joyce further developed her knowledge ofheart-healthy cooking methods for heart disease prevention and treatment.

Joyce’s Career

Joyce is a Registered Dietitian with diverse credentials,spanning over 15 years and the jurisdictions of California, Texas, and Ontario.She has provided medical nutrition therapy and education to those with chronicdisease so that they can continue to live healthy and full lives.  

Joyce’s expertise has also effected corporate policy change inthe long-term healthcare industry in California, where she worked as acorporate dietitian.

Currently a clinician in long-term care, Joyce is practised atidentifying chewing and swallowing impairments that are related to neurologicalchanges. She remains an active member of the Gerontology Network where sheparticipates in online discussions to talk about experiences with timemanagement. This has been especially important given the increased demandcaused by the pandemic.

Influential Moment

Some of Joyce’s favourite moments originate from her work within the Parkinson’s community. There she volunteered some of her time to present nutrition information to those living with the neurological disease. At the time, she was also coaching part-time for this community through the Parkinson's ResourceCentre. Joyce quickly recognized how the combination of adequate nutrition and high intensity exercise could help the residents feel their best, while managing their symptoms. Working with this group taught Joyce a lot about resilience and how communities and bonds are formed through tough times.

Why Nutritional Rehabilitation?

Joyce saw an opening for Nutritional Rehabilitation come to her email inbox one day. She was surprised because she had not been exposed to the fact that dietitians could be a part of the rehabilitation team, specifically for Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). With the corresponding nutritional treatments for ABI being similar to those with Neurological Disease, Joyce knew immediately that she could contribute and help make a positive impact to the recovery process.

On Joyce's off days…

Joyce loves animals, so you can often find her running outsidewith her dog Mochi. She also dabbles in the arts, sometimes painting on canvas.Joyce also enjoys CrossFit to keep herself strong, while also incorporatingendurance running and yoga to keep her mentally centred.