What Sets Us Apart

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While Cailee Heggestad’s passion and love of sports fuelled her decision to become a registered dietitian, she can also draw on the challenges she faced from the concussions that she suffered during her athletic career.

And she recognizes that the injury is still overlooked.

Our dietitians at Nutritional Rehabilitation, know someone’s whole life can be severely impacted in the matter of a split second. That single event can change an individual’s whole life.

Nutrition holds the key to recovery

Nutrition is a forgotten piece in the road to recovery, and it needs to be a priority in any rehabilitation program. We believe that if nutrition is maximized, then the physical and cognitive aspects of rehabilitation can be as well.

We have heard over and over how even just planning to make a meal for yourself can become an exhausting and overwhelming chore. Too often meals of convenience are the result because just going to the grocery store –something that used to be enjoyed– is too much.

We feel empathy for those whose lives have been overturned and now face difficulty consuming meals and snacks consistently. Sometimes getting a meal on the table can be an arduous task, so it is skipped or substituted by foods that do not promote brain healing and can lead to further health challenges, such as diabetes.

We’ve faced the same challenges

Cailee has faced these and other challenges herself, and she has now been working with people with brain injuries for over ten years: People of all ages, all genders, all work statuses, and all activity levels. Everyone is different, so we work with you as an individual and customize a plan.

Because by not dealing with the injury, pain, headaches, and fatigue, the ailments can multiply into nausea, gastrointestinal issues, weight gain/loss, mental health deterioration, sleep, and memory loss. We will help you take control of your brain injury and regain your purpose.

And since nutrition is crucial to healing and neuroplasticity, we aim to help our patients with the optimal nutritional balance that will ensure that their energy levels match the demanding physical and cognitive rehab involved in your recovery.

Because if there isn’t fuel in your tank, you’re not going anywhere.

We’ll be there the whole way

That’s why Nutritional Rehabilitation is so important to your overall journey of recovery. It is vital to returning to as close to your normal, pre-injury self as possible.

We have a team of passionate people who believe in the power of nutrition and how it impacts our bodies. Our team wants to help solve your problems, conquer barriers, and deliver outcomes to make your life easier. We are focused on helping others in their rehab and ultimately, their recovery.