Private Nutrition Counselling Services

Why work with a Nutritional Rehabilitation Registered dietitian?

Our approach

We believe that nourishing your body should feel achievable. The best nutrition plan is one that works with your lifestyle and does not feel overly restrictive.  Achieving an overall feeling of good health is influenced by so much more than just the food we eat. Your current health status, weight and eating habits may also be influenced by stress, sleep, or other environmental factors.  Working with a Registered Dietitian at Nutritional Rehabilitation will help you achieve your goals with a holistic approach to your wellbeing.

What to expect:

✓ Personalized, educational & supportive.

✓ Comprehensive meal planning tailored to your goals, food preferences, unique lifestyle, cultural & religious      restrictions, and budget.

✓ All of our dietitians are board-certified with over ten years of experience.

✓ Upfront & transparent pricing: no hidden or extra fees.


Our Fees:

Please note: All prices include taxes

Virtual Rates      

Full  Nutrition Assessment 1-1.5  hrs $175.00

2  Sessions with Meal Plan $350.00

1 hour  Nutrition Assessment + 30 min Meal planning session, with personalized meal  plan.

4  Session Package $500.00

1 hour  assessment + 3 x 30  minute follow up sessions

Follow up Sessions

 (This can be added after you  complete a nutrition assessment OR after you choose a package that includes a  nutrition assessment)

3  Follow up Session Package $225.00 3 x 30  minutes

5  Follow up Session Package $375.00 5 x 30  minutes   

10  Follow up Session Package $650.00 10 x 30  minutes   

In-Home Visit 

1.5-hour  session in your home to work on Meal Prep strategies, or In-home cooking  classes $250.00

 (City  of London or Windsor only)

If you prefer in-person versus virtual and travel is outside the cities of London Or Windsor, there will be a charge for mileage. Please contact us to discuss: